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Sherwood Park Kindergarten has played a strong educational role in the lives of kindergarten students since the 1970's. Molly McBride, a grade one teacher in the area began Sherwood Park Kindergarten because she felt many children needed to develop more skills before entering the school system. Her program existed a few years in her home before becoming incorporated as a not for profit society in 1974. Then in 1985 she retired allowing 2 of her trusted employees Bonnie Trudell and Sharon Dimond to take over. 


When the Good News Moravian Church was built at #2 Primrose Blvd. a classroom was designed especially for the kindergarten and was the home of Sherwood Park Kindergarten for over 30 years. When the church closed in 2023 and the building was sold, Sherwood Park Kindergarten began a search for a new home. Happily we found a wonderful new home at 205 Fir Street, in Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. The kindergarten is not affiliated with the church, but has a huge bright classroom provided inside a vibrant community space, as well as access to large green spaces and parks very close to the church.

Lynn Davis was hired in 1993 as an educational assistant working closely with the speech and occupational needs of the students. Bonnie Trudell retired in 2003, ushering in Shauna Larson as teacher. Sharon Dimond then retired in 2015 when Mrs. Pasika was hired as an educational assistant.

As you can see by the history presented, job satisfaction is high and we plan on serving the children of Sherwood Park for many years to come.  The staff has always been enthusiastic towards children and learning. Professional development is a priority as well as differentiated learning and meeting individual needs. Each child is important at Sherwood Park Kindergarten.


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