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Frequently asked Questions


Do you charge monthly fees?


  • No.  You will pay a flat fee of $500.00 for the year to cover trips and supplies.  We ask for $150.00 upon registration and the other $350.00 on the first day of school.  We are funded by the Alberta government and get a basic grant for each child to cover school costs.


What time does school start and how early can I bring my child?


  • School starts at 8:45 am and runs until 11:35 am.  Our doors open at 8:30am.


Are you affiliated with the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church?


  • No.   The classroom is a rental space and we do not have any religious affiliation.  We are excited to be a  tenant in this wonderful space with a great community relationship.


Do you provide transportation?


  • No.  Students must be dropped off and picked up daily.  We have a large parking lot and the students are not allowed out of the building unless accompanied by an adult.  We diligently monitor the lobby door during transport times.


Do you follow the Alberta curriculum? 


  • Yes we follow the kindergarten program statement set forth by Alberta Education.


Are you part of an Elk Island or Edmonton school board?


  • No we are not.  We are an independent school in Alberta and governed by Alberta Education.  We are also a member of AISCA, (Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta).


What is your staff to student ratio?


  • We accept 26 kids and have 3 staff members at all times.  We also have a parent helper during the “play” learning time each day.  As you can see your child will get a great deal of one-to-one and/or small group attention.


Do you follow the same holiday schedule as the Elk Island schools?


  • Yes we take the same fall, winter and spring breaks but we do not take off the same professional development days.  Parents are given a calendar at the beginning of the school year to track kindergarten days off.


Do I have to volunteer?


  • No you do not.  As much as we want every parent to take part in kindergarten we understand working families.  Volunteering is your choice and we hope you can see the program in action but we know this is not always possible. 


Are you a junior kindergarten or a preschool?


  • We are a KINDERGARTEN.  Our mission is to prepare your child for grade one the following year.  We help you and your child transition from kindergarten to grade one.


How old does my child need to be to enter?  


  • Students must be 5 years old on or before Dec 31st of the year they enter Kindergarten.

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