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Sherwood Park Kindergarten Offers:

  •     A student teacher ratio of 8:1 (Limited Class Size of 26)

  •     Five mornings of instruction a week, 8:45 am - 11:35 am, Monday through Friday

  •     An innovative language program developed by Jim Stone which incorporates phonics and language experience

  •     Fine Art components

  •     A large, bright classroom

  •     Alberta Education funding

  •     A qualified teacher and two full time educational assistants

  •     Flexible parent involvement   

  •     Support Services Available (Alberta Health Services, Glenrose, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy)

  •     Daily phyical activity through music and movement

  •     Differentiated learning environment to meet individual needs

  •     Member of AISCA (Association of Independent Schools & Colleges in Alberta)


  • 2013 APEGA Teacher Award Nominee

  • 2014 APEGA Teacher Award Recipient

  • 2016 Classroom Team of the Year GRIT Award (Getting Ready For Inclusion Today)

  • 2016 Excellence in Teaching BNI Grant


"Sherwood Park kindergarten is a program like no other. The small child to staff ratio ensures that early issues are identified and dealt with by enhanced programming. Mrs.Larson and her team are experienced and trusted. Everything is done with the goal of creating empathetic, good citizens that enter the school world with an excitement for continued learning. Mrs. Larson and her team are also in tune with needs of parents and give time and attention to concerns addressing issues right away. I recommend this program to everyone I meet. It meets and exceeds the learning needs of early learners and their parents. Your child will leave this program very ready for grade 1. ---T.W.


“We have been blessed to have two of our children graduate from SPK. We highly recommend the school everyone. The academic program has done wonders for both our daughters. The teachers are nurturing and truly care about all the children in the class. They bring out the best in every single child. From the music program to all the amazing concerts/events held for the students and parents you cannot pick a better kindergarten program. Can't wait to have our third child attend.“ ---C.L.


“The classroom is so educational and organized!” ---Happy Parent


“We appreciate the love of leaning that is instilled at Sherwood Park Kindergarten. It is done in such a way that the kids cannot help but enjoy themselves while learning.” ---Pleased Parent


“I had the pleasure of attending class with my son yesterday and felt the need to let you know it was amazing to be there. There is something very magical and special about this classroom. Your presence and the way you engage with the kids is a pleasure to observe. Your passion for teaching and attentive care to the children shines through strongly. I have no doubt that for the rest of their lives the children will always remember Sherwood Park Kindergarten. You have a strong ripple in children’s lives.” ----Mr. M


“The staff at Sherwood Park Kindergarten always go above and beyond!” ---V.M.


“(The staff) always has time for parent’s questions after school and makes you feel like your children are special.” ---D.W.

“Teaching at Sherwood Park Kindergarten is an event!” ---In Awe


“Thank you for building my child’s confidence...helping him become more in control of situations and develop skills in so many areas.” ---T.M.


"I highly recommend Sherwood Park Kindergarten to anyone because the program is absolutely incredible! Mrs. Larson will truly enhance and make your child's first school experiences amazingly educational and super fun!! I have been in her classroom and she makes every teaching moment count. The students are fully engaged and learning to use counting, reading, spelling, art and numerous exciting learning resources in so many ways. Mrs. Larson has a great presence and command in the classroom. Students are treated with such respect and attentiveness that it makes leaving them at school easy as the kids look forward to being there and you have total confidence your child will be taken care of! What I love about Sherwood Park kindergarten is that the teachers truly put their heart into their work and changing the lives of their students in a positive way is what they are passionate about! They not only take the time to make sure your child is learning but also advocate for their needs with 2 teacher aides that are in the class all the time. Occupational and speech therapists are available if your child needs the extra help. These are a few of the many reasons why I would without hesitation recommend Sherwood Park Kindergarten! It's simply amazing and there are not enough words to express my gratitude for the incredible work the teachers do there!" ---T.A.

“Commitment to each child in the classroom is present every single day!” ---N.B

“We talk about this program to anyone and everyone. This program follows the curriculum like other schools but the delivery is different and should be celebrated.” 

The staff to student ratio is amazing. ---Biggest Fan


“It is obvious the staff all love their jobs. Please don’t ever stop. EVER!” ---Mindful Mom

“Sherwood Park Kindergarten supports not just the child but the whole family.” ---Grateful

"We enrolled our twin boys at Sherwood Park Kindergarten and were extremely impressed. The staff was exceptional. One of our sons on his last day of school said to us that he wished it was the first day of school so he could meet Mrs. Larson all over again. They have a great student to teacher ratio and are able to spend one on one time with each of their students thanks to the wonderful Mrs. Pasika and Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Larson makes a tremendous effort to get to know each of the students, assesses them early so if they are struggling they can obtain extra help from speech and occupational therapists. She challenges the students as well. She introduced reading to our boys really early and then in their reading program spent individual time with each student to help them progress at their own rate. We had enrolled our boys there as they had a later fall birthday and were unsure if they were ready for Kindergarten. Sherwood Park Kindergarten not only readied them for Grade1,but they excelled. I would highly recommend Sherwood Park Kindergarten to everyone, as would my kids!" ---C.K

"Sherwood Park Kindergarten is a phenomenal kindergarten program for children. The student to teacher ratio is a huge highlight as it allows children to truly develop their individuality while becoming a citizen in the classroom. The environment inspires safe learning, cooperation and independence. Mrs. Larson is a passionate educator who gives parents tangible feedback; I wish I could clone her to be my son's grade one teacher! I highly recommend Sherwood Park Kindergarten." --- Love This School!


"There are lots of experiments you can do. You can make volcanoes explode!"

"I love Milton the Math Monster"

"Busy Town is soooooo much fun!"

"When I had Mrs. Larson for a teacher she was always so excited about math and science. She made it fun for everyone. We did it all the time and we didn’t even know it sometimes! I’m now in grade 3 and still want to go back to kindergarten, haha!"

"Mrs. Larson lets us play neat games and with dominos. She goes to teacher school and comes back with new things for us to try and do. She is funny and likes to dress up. For science she has a lab coat and crazy hair. She even has a turkey hat! I like math and she makes it easy.

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