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Mrs. Larson

Kindergarten Teacher

Shauna Larson graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in 2001 with an Education Degree, Art Major. She joined Sherwood Park Kindergarten in 2003. Teaching has been Mrs. Larson’s desire ever since she can remember. She loves to plan new projects and activities around the curriculum as she is constantly taking and searching out professional development. Teaching has never been a job or career in her eyes; rather a calling and a passion. Mrs. Larson captivates her students. Her enthusiasm is contagious making learning a special event each day. She radiates a 110% energy level each and everyday making learning dynamic. She is a firm believer in Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence. Every lesson is presented with various learning styles in mind. Her classroom is a hub of differentiated learning with teachable moments all morning long. Her goal is to make every child feel successful and secure at Sherwood Park Kindergarten. 


When she is not teaching or busy at the hockey arena she can be found pursuing her creative interests. She makes and sells card designs found around Strathcona County in various locations. She has sold art pieces; one of which was acquired by the Strathcona County Art Acquisition Program. She loves to try new and innovative painting techniques. Her innovative flair is an asset to her students as they are encouraged to explore and be creative thinkers. The student’s art projects done under her guidance are truly astounding.


Mrs. Larson’s goal is to create life long learners and provide a solid educational foundation. She takes her profession seriously as she sees the power of early education. She has been a part of each round of the Early Development Instrument; a Canadian and international research project for the betterment of early education.She sees children as individuals while working in a collective social setting. She celebrates and encourages strengths as she gets to know EACH student. She also finds a way to promote growth on every level, as she knows each child learns differently and at their own pace. Mrs. Larson celebrates children and what they are capable of when given the right tools and environment.

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