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Mrs. Davis

Educational Assistant

Lynn Davis started at SPK in 1993. She began after taking in a Teachers Aide Conference. Assisting young children easily became her passion due to her caring demeanor. She has a rare gift that allows her to connect with every student. She finds and nurtures their unique learning styles while helping them to feel safe and valued. Over the years she has attended many conferences. Topics include; behavior, asperger’s and autism, inclusion, non-verbal learning disorder, stuttering, anxiety, as well as many others. Her wealth of knowledge and years of experience are a wonderful asset to the kindergarten, the parents and of course the students.


Mrs. Davis works closely with language pathologists and occupational therapists through Alberta Heath Services; spending one-on-one time with children assisting their unique needs. She is a full time educational assistant in our classroom. Mrs. Davis has been involved in the community in various ways such as the planning committee for Dancing in the Park. She brings those talents to our concert preparation each year as she helps choreograph song and dance numbers. She is also a gardening enthusiast; again letting her nurturing personality shine.

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