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Experts who study the brain say that whenever you do something creative, like drawing or painting, you are giving your brain a terrific workout. Children at Sherwood Park Kindergarten partake in numerous creative experiences daily. Some projects are guided while others allow for spontaneous, imaginative exploration.

Art.... is a Means of Understanding Others - and Ourselves

As children investigate the historical context and purpose of art objects from various cultures and eras, they gain insight into the lives, beliefs and expressive modes of others in today's global village. They also become increasingly able to reflect upon, understand, describe and respect the origins of their own culture and environment. We place a strong emphasis on Art at Sherwood Park Kindergarten. Weekly, Mrs. Larson chooses a new artist to be "the focus". Students study the name, the history, the style and technique of each artist. During the year artists are discussed and compared. Our students are very proud of their art work that gets displayed in the Sherwood Park Community! Students are given proper instruction and tools so that they can create their own masterpieces! Vocabulary development is emphasized so that students can speak the language of the art as they appreciate the aesthetic qualities.

Art projects
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