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Kindergarten Is.......​

  •     An inclusive environment which must nurture all aspects of a child`s development.

  •     An opportunity to grow in a pleasant environment which attempts to meet the needs and differences of each child.

  •     Structured help for each child to gain a positive self-image in the new world of school.

  •     Designed to assist each child in learning to take initiative in planning and doing things independently.

  •     Planing to help children find comfort in group situations.

  •     Preparation for future school success.

Kindergarten is a time for children to expand their love of learning, their general knowledge, their ability to get along with others, and their interest in reaching out to the world. While kindergarten marks an important transition from preschool to the primary grades, it is important that children still get to be children. Getting kindergartners ready for elementary school does not mean substituting academics for play time, forcing children to master first grade skills, or relying on 

standardized tests to assess children`s success. Kindergarten curriculum actually includes such events as snack time, recess,individual and group activities in addition to the activities we consider to be traditionally educational.


A developmentally appropriate kindergarten classroom encourages growth of children`s self-esteem, their cultural identities,their independence and their individual strengths. Kindergarten children will continue to develop control of their own behavior through the guidance and support of warm, caring adults. At this stage, children are already eager to learn and possess an innate curiosity. It is our privilege to foster that love of learning in a safe & caring environment.



As a kindergarten under the authority of the Alberta Government we provide the curriculum set forth by Alberta Education. In doing so we are preparing children and parents for the transition to grade one. Our hope is to instill a love of life long learning along the way. We work to meet the curricular expectations while providing a safe and nurturing environment.



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